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3 Great Benefits of Ductless Heating

When most people think of Texas, they imagine hot and arid weather. While this is certainly the case for much of the year, residents in the area also realize that there is occasional uncomfortably cool weather to contend with during the winter season. Our winter weather may not be as intense as that in other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean that we can afford to gamble with our heating systems. If you’re considering the installation of a new heater in your home, we advise you to give ductless heating some attention. 


Ductless heating systems utilize heat pump technology, which means that they don’t actually generate new heat. Instead, refrigerant in the system absorbs heat from the air outside. This warmed refrigerant is further compressed, and its thermal energy is then used to heat air that it distributes throughout the house. This is remarkably efficient, and the lack of ductwork to leak and waste energy helps further improve efficiency.

Air Quality

Traditional forced-air heaters, such as furnaces, use ductwork to distribute heated air throughout a home. While this can be effective, it also creates the potential for air leaks in the ductwork. This can waste energy, but it can also allow pollutants to enter the system, and they can then be blown throughout the home. This can drag down the quality of the air throughout. By eliminating the need for air ducts, ductless heating systems eliminate this problem.

Year-Round Comfort

Heat pumps, including ductless mini splits, are capable of reversing their refrigerant cycles, meaning that they can act as both heating and cooling systems. That means that using a ductless heating system allows you to cool your home during the summer with the same equipment. Contact a member of our staff today if you’d like to take advantage of a ductless system in your home.

If you decided that ductless heating in Georgetown, TX is right for you, give the heating professionals on the Express HVAC Service team a call today.