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The Potential Problems of Space Heaters

We don’t get winters in Killeen, TX like other parts of the country do. This is why it can be very tempting to heat a cold spot or a small room with a space heater. Even though many space heaters come with different safety components, these are still not good choices for a permanent heating solution. Whether you are experiencing uneven heating, having trouble getting heat to a specific area or feel that your home is drafty in certain parts, the experts from Express HVAC Service can help.

Why Space Heaters Are Not a Good Solution

There are a few reasons why space heaters are not great solutions for your home:

  • They can eat up a lot of electricity – space heaters tend to be energy guzzlers, especially those that use electricity. It take a good amount of wattage to generate heat, even with a small component like a space heater. You may see a relatively high jump in your electric bill.
  • They can overheat – both electric and combustion space heaters (think kerosene heaters) can overheat, but the combustion ones can be particularly dangerous. In fact, it is estimated by the Consumer Product Safety Division that over 25,000 residential fires are caused annually by space heaters. You must take extreme care with these components.
  • They can be easily forgotten about – it is one thing to leave a space heater on if you leave a room for a few minutes, but quite another if it is left on all day unattended in an empty home. It can be easy to forget about it because you get used to the warmth, but an unattended space heater is a recipe for disaster.

We Can Help

The heating pros from Express HVAC Service can help resolve whatever issue is making you consider a space heater. Just give us a call!