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Why Is My Furnace So Noisy?

Now that the winter weather is really bringing the chilly temperatures around, most homeowners are running their heating systems with some regularity. If you have been running your furnace and have found that it seems to be operating at a louder noise level than ever before, you are right to be concerned. Your furnace should not be making enough noise during its operation to cause alarm, though it also will not function silently. Before you jump to worst case scenarios, though, be sure to contact the Georgetown, TX furnace repair professionals on our staff. 

Screeching or Whining

The phrase “nails on a chalkboard” is enough to make many homeowners wince, so it’s certainly not the type of noise that you want to hear coming from your furnace. If you do hear this screeching sound coming from your furnace, there are a few potential causes. Perhaps the blower wheel or the motor mount is compromised, or a fan blade is bent and is scraping up against another metal part. Whatever the issue, we’ll get your furnace back to working quieter in no time.

Banging or Popping Sounds

While these sounds can be very alarming, they may also be nothing to really worry about. As your furnace begins blowing heated air through your ductwork, the ducts may expand and contract. It’s a normal situation, but one that can result in alarming sounds. You should still have the situation professionally evaluated, as it may be the result of dirty burners in the furnace, which can lead to further problems.


Any sounds of hissing should be taken seriously. It could be a gas leak, though this is not the most likely scenario, and the sound would be accompanied by the odor of natural gas. It may, however, be the result of air leaking out of your ductwork, which could seriously drive up heating costs. Call us if you’re concerned about the sounds that your heating system is making.

The experts here at Express HVAC Service will get to the bottom of the situation in order to determine precisely what’s gone wrong with your furnace.