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Clogged AC Drain Line Austin

A clogged AC drain line can cause water to leak into walls, floors or ceilings. Living in Austin, your air conditioner really works hard to keep your home or business cool. Eventually a slime like residue builds up inside the main condensation drain line causing a clog. This clog prevents water from draining and then water builds up in the drain pan of the unit. Now the pan can catch the overflow but not for long. That’s when leaks are discovered and at times causing very costly damage. Note some HVAC systems have an overflow sensor and some do not. If a clogged AC drain line is not resolved by a professional HVAC technician or plumber, the potential damage to your home can really add up.

Clogged AC Drain Lines Can Quickly Cause Damage to Austin Homes and Businesses.

If a clogged AC drain line goes untreated it can result in the following:

· Water damage can occur both inside your attic, walls, ceiling and floors.

· Water damage causes mold to grow very quickly which can be a toxic threat to your family.

· Your air conditioning unit can ultimately break down.

Our Amazing Technicians Quickly Repair a Clogged AC Drain Line Austin!

a clogged ac drain line on second story house pipe gushing water down siding of home

Today with the support of technology, you can attempt to do this yourself but in reality you should hire a professional who can promptly identify all issues. At Express HVAC Services, we have seen leaking drains, clogged drains, rodents damaging drains and drains containing extensive mold build-up. In addition, we have also seen improper installation of overflow pans which have also caused water damage. If you are noticing any water damage in your home, call us immediately as we offer emergency service. Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day and can send a plumber to your home or business year round in greater Austin and surrounding areas.

We Do More Than Just Clogged AC Drain Lines. We Offer a Full Range of Fantastic Air Conditioning Services to Austin Residents and Businesses!

At Express HVAC Services, we offer a full range of air conditioning repair services including installation. If you are noticing or experiencing any difficulties with your air conditioning feel free to contact our office. Our friendly knowledgeable staff can help set up an appointment quickly and even if it is an emergency we can help! Don’t let a clogged AC drain line ruin your home or business. Be smart and get it repaired quickly to avoid costly damage and potential health risks to your family.  Give us a call now!