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Leander, TX Air Conditioning, Heating, and Indoor Air Quality Services by Express HVAC Service

When you need heating or cooling for your home, it’s critical to make sure you have a reliable company to call for all your HVAC needs. The heating and cooling experts from Express HVAC Service bring over 25 years’ worth of HVAC experience to every job we do. What does this mean for our customers? First, it means you are hiring seasoned pros who will handle all of your HVAC needs–replacement, installation, repair and annual maintenance–correctly the first time around so you get the maximum performance from you heating and cooling system. Second, it means that we work on just about every type of heating system available and handle all the major name brands. We have a 24–hour service guarantee, so whether you need heating or cooling service at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m., we’ll be there.

For quality air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality products and professional HVAC services in the Leander, TX area, give Express HVAC Service a call today to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need An Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Leander, TX?

It’s not exactly a secret that we get very hot here in Leander, TX. Battling the heat and humidity with anything except whole–house air conditioning is likely a battle you will lose. However, the professionals at Express HVAC Service are here to make sure you win that battle with our high–quality air conditioning products and expert cooling services. Whether you need or use a heat pump, ductless system, or traditional central air system, we are here to help.

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioners may be easier to install, but this doesn’t mean they don’t require an expert for all services. Our cooling specialists have been working with ductless air conditioning systems for years and can help you with installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement–just give us a call!

We Offer Heat Pumps

Heat pumps run twice as much as separate heating and cooling systems, so it’s important to have access to experts who can reliably and correctly service your heat pump system. We are those experts, and with our 24–hour service guarantee, you don’t ever have to worry about being without service.

Do You Need a New Heating System or Heater Services in Leander, TX?

Our cool months may not last long, but for the time that we are chilly, it’s imperative to have a dependable, efficient heating system in a home. We specialize in the installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of a wide variety of heater types and all of our work is guaranteed. You can expect our pros to arrive in company apparel and with all the tools needed to handle your job. And when we leave, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a huge mess. Call us today and let our experts make sure you have the heating you need with our comprehensive heating services in Leander!

We Install and Service Gas and Electric Furnaces

About 60% of households in the US use furnaces for heat, but don’t mistake this prevalence for easy repair or installation. Furnaces are very powerful systems, and they require expert hands for any kind of work. We are those experts, and we are here to help you with all of your furnace needs, whether for a gas or electric furnace.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

Many property owners equate indoor comfort with temperature, but temperature is only part of the equation. If you have allergy sufferers in your home or issues with balancing humidity, you will be just as uncomfortable as you will with the wrong temperature. This is where the indoor air quality experts at Express HVAC Service come in. We will work with you to assess your needs then help you determine which IAQ products will best fit your needs and home. Then we’ll expertly install them for years of use. If you already have indoor air quality devices, then you need professionals who can make sure they perform optimally with exceptional repair and maintenance service. We are the ones to call!

We Offer Air Purifiers

If you are looking to specifically clean your home’s air, you’ll want to consider the installation of an air purifier. Our professionals will seamlessly integrate your new air purifier with your existing HVAC to ensure that you gain all the benefits your air purifier has to offer.

We Offer Duct Sealing

Nothing can compromise your indoor air quality faster than faulty ductwork. But with professional duct sealing from the experts at Express HVAC Service, your ductwork will regain its energy efficiency and cleanliness easily and quickly.

We Offer Duct Testing

Do you suspect you may be losing precious air from your ductwork but aren’t sure? Or do you just want to know how well your ductwork is performing? Schedule a duct testing appointment with our experts. We’ll find out exactly how your ductwork is performing and if there are leaks, we’ll pinpoint them exactly.

Do You Need Ventilation Services in Leander, TX?

Making homes airtight has been easier and easier with improved products, but a side problem has developed from this: a lack of good ventilation. Whether the problem of poor ventilation is in your attic space or throughout your home, it’s important to make sure your air is well–ventilated. Why? You need fresh air to dilute and move odors and gases through your home. If you have problems with ventilation in your home, call us today and let our experts help your home breathe easier with our high quality ventilation products and services.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services?

If your business space is uncomfortable from inadequate heating or cooling, it will suffer. It can also suffer if you don’t use trained and certified commercial HVAC experts to handle all the heating and cooling work you need done, including installation, replacement, repair, and annual maintenance. Our professionals have years of experience working with commercial system and our 24–hour service guarantees that you’ll never be without the commercial HVAC services you need.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning

Business spaces have different requirements for cooling, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important to hire commercial air conditioning experts for all the work you need. Our professionals can help you choose, size, and install a new system or keep your existing one running optimally–just give us a call!

We Offer Commercial Air Purifiers

Having clean, healthy air in your commercial space is important for your employees as well as your customers. We can help you achieve the level of clean air you need and want with our comprehensive commercial air purifier services.

Blown–In Insulation in Leander, TX Can Benefit You

How? Well, for starters, it makes adding insulation to finished areas of your home a breeze! So long as you hire professional technicians such as ours to do the job, your cellulose blown–in insulation can help you to live more comfortably while keeping your heating and cooling costs in check. It can also help you to protect your indoor air quality.