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Manor, TX Air Conditioning, Heating, and Indoor Air Quality Services by Express HVAC Service

In this day and age, there is really no excuse for living in discomfort within the confines of your own home. Even the hottest days of summer – and we’ve got plenty of them – can be managed with a good air conditioning system, and great AC services. Want to take the chill out of a winter’s evening? Just flip on your professionally installed and serviced heater. No matter what you need to make your home more comfortable, you can count on Express HVAC Service to provide you with exceptional air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services in Manor, TX. Contact us today to schedule service.

For quality air conditioners, heaters, and indoor air quality products and HVAC services in the Manor, TX area, give Express HVAC Service a call today to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need An Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Manor, TX?

To say that the heat of summer around here is intense is to make a massive understatement. No matter how long you’ve lived in the area, the hottest weather of the year can be quite trying. That is why you need more than just a great air conditioner in your home; you must also be sure to schedule high–quality air conditioning services in Manor, TX. Just dial our number: we’ll help you keep your cool this summer, guaranteed.

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

If you think that you must use bulky ductwork in order to benefit from a whole–house air conditioning system, think again. You can always opt to use a ductless air conditioner in your home. There are many benefits to doing so, including great cooling efficiency. Plus, ductless systems can utilize heat pump technology in order to double as heaters in the winter.

We Offer Heat Pumps

Are you familiar with heat pumps? If not, you are wise to do a bit of research on them before purchasing a new HVAC system. The heat pump acts as a powerful cooling system during the summer season, and you can use your heat pump to heat your home efficiently in the winter, using existing heat in the process.

Do You Need A New Heating System or Heater Services in Manor, TX?

Just because our winters may not be as extreme as they are in the northeast is no reason to overlook the importance of having a great heater installed in your home. We offer every heating service that you could possibly need in order to enjoy an outstanding performance from your heater in Manor, TX. When the temperature drops below comfortable levels, as it certainly will, you’ll be happy for having scheduled your heating services with the professional technicians on our staff.

We Install and Service Gas and Electric Furnaces

Furnaces use either fuel combustion or electric resistance in order to heat air for distribution throughout homes. They deliver this heated air via a system of ductwork. The result is prompt, effective and efficient heating. Just remember to schedule your gas and electric furnace services with us so that you can get the very best performance that your furnace has to offer.

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

You need to know that you are breathing high–quality air throughout your home. If you are not, there is simply no chance of living comfortably or, for that matter, healthfully. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe that pollution is only a problem outdoors. This is simply not true. There are a lot of ways in which your indoor air quality may suffer, and you must work with the right technicians to ensure that you have the right equipment in place for boosting indoor air quality.

We Offer Air Purifiers

The air purifier is one great way in which to improve upon the quality of the air in your home. There are different types of air purifiers, including electronic air purifiers and UV air purifiers, though. They do different things, and deal with different pollutants, so work with us to ensure that you are using the right one for your needs.

We Offer Duct Sealing and Duct Testing

Are you ready to boost energy efficiency while also improving the quality of the air and comfort throughout your home? If so, consider scheduling professional duct testing with a member of our team. Our staff is happy to determine what is wrong with your ducts, and we can complete the duct sealing or repairs necessary to resolve the problem.

We Are Your Manor, TX Blown–In Insulation Experts

Blown–in insulation is an outstanding option for adding insulation to hard–to–access areas of the house, or to those areas that are completely finished. While the installation method is quite straightforward, guaranteeing that the right amount of insulation is used and distributed for optimal performance quality, is not. That is why you should schedule service with the experts on our staff.

Do You Need Ventilations Services in Manor, TX?

Ventilation is very important. If your home ventilation system is not up to par, then you risk paying too much for too little comfort in your home. The quality of the air filling your living space is also put at risk. Make the right decision, and schedule your ventilation services with a member of our team. We’ll make sure that your ductwork, attic fans and other ventilation equipment is functioning properly. That way, you can live comfortably while enjoying great indoor air quality.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services?

Do you own commercial property? If so, you understand just how important it is that your commercial property is comfortable throughout the year. It does not matter how it is that you utilize your commercial space: everyone visiting it expects to be comfortable there. That is precisely why you must schedule professional commercial HVAC services. When we install, repair and maintain your commercial HVAC and IAQ equipment, you’ll be able to keep your property comfortable all year long.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning

It is not exactly a well–guarded secret that our summer weather can be intensely hot. If you hope to keep your commercial property cool and comfortable throughout the worst of it, then you must schedule your commercial air conditioning services with trained professionals. We can handle your commercial AC installation, repair and maintenance.

We Offer Commercial Air Purifiers

Keep the air in your commercial property as clean and pure as possible by using the right commercial air purifier for the job. We are available to assess your property and the problems that you are facing in terms of your indoor air quality. Once we have, we can install any necessary commercial air purifiers for you.